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More than 15 years of experience providing dental care in the greater Seattle area.

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One of Sharon's areas of expertise is with palliative care​...​

Mouth care is a very important aspect of palliative care in all settings. When they're not managed, mouth problems can affect:

-self esteem

-ability to communicate

-ability to socialize

-ability to enjoy food and drinks

-comfort, and can cause pain

Palliative care can help relieve pain and treat side effects as people go through disease treatment or hospice care at the end of life.

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Sharon is joined by a team of 3 licensed Dental Assistants that have many years of professional experience providing personalized mobile dental care. 


Health and Safety

Covid-19 Safety Guidelines

-Our team has had extensive infection control training and follows all CDC Covid-19 Infection Control and Guidelines. 

-We are tested weekly, fully vaccinated, and boosted.

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Palliative Dental Treatment

Treating tooth decay with Silver Diamine.

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Our Services

Preventative Care

- Dental Prophylaxis Cleaning

-Denture Cleaning

-Oral Cancer Screening

-Fluoride Varnish Application

-And More...


-Periodontal Treatment for people with active gum disease

-Periodontal Maintenance for those that have had periodontal disease

-Antimicrobial Irrigation

-Silver Diamine to treat decay

-Palliative oral care

-Tooth desensitization

-And More...

Education & Recommendations

-Consultation with care provider or family member to help personalize needed daily care

-In Service training for care providers 

-And More...